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The MyVA Mini MBA

The MyVA Mini MBA
24 June 2022 expositeadmin

The Erasmus+ sponsored My Virtual Assistant (MYVA) includes a new training programme called the MYVA Mini MBA training course. The MYVA Mini MBA comprises a set of six Learning Modules exploring many different aspects of how to set up and run a business as a Virtual Assistant.

The Virtual Assistant – Skills and Competences


Whether you want to be a Virtual assistant specialising as a VA in administration, social media, blogging, e-commerce, content production, finance, business coaching or consulting, the Mini MBA will help you to grow and develop your business faster and take you to the next level.


  • Module 1: The Virtual Assistant explores the emergence of global trends and the opportunities for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs


  • Module 2: Developing a Business Plan is about understanding how to prepare and present a business plan for a solopreneur enterprise


  • Module 3: Sustainability and Business Improvement is designed to help entrepreneurs to improve the sustainability, efficiency, and performance of their enterprise and to create growth


  • Module 4: Innovation and Product Development is about role of innovation and creativity in improving existing products/services and developing new ones within a Virtual Assistant enterprise


  • Module 5: Finance for Enterprises explains how to use financial and management accounts to manage the performance of a business


  • Module 6: Marketing and Networking is using marketing plans and networking to develop and grow an enterprise


To access the MYVA Mini MBA follow this link.


Project Officer, John Moore from Exponential Training said:

“The purpose of the learning modules is to provide simple, practical information and tools to enable learners to apply what they have learned to developing their ideas and their enterprises. To further help aspiring VA, the MYVA project has also developed a set of templates for a one-page business plan which can be downloaded and completed within an hour”.


The Erasmus+ project, MYVA, started in April 2021 an runs through to March 2023. The next main phase of the project is the pilot testing of the tools and learning resources with Vocational and Education Training teacher/trainers and then with young aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in taking part in the MYVA pilot, then do not hesitate to check out the project website and contact one of the national MYVA partners. Other growth and enterprise related Erasmus projects hat compliment MYVA include:

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these Erasmus projects, either check out the project website for the National MYVA Partner in your country or if in the UK call John Moore on 01455 845071 or email john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.


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