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The contours of the PRONTO Platform and Toolkit are taking shape

The contours of the PRONTO Platform and Toolkit are taking shape
14 January 2022 expositeadmin

With project partner Best Cybernetics presenting the wireframe of the PRONTO Platform and toolkit, the project is reaching its next phase.

Whilst project management is not new, it is rarely used effectively in SMEs as models (such as Prince2) are seen as complex and too sophisticated for the needs of SMEs. With the development of the PRONTO Platform and Toolkit, we create a new micro-lite project management methodology specifically for SMEs.

Nicole Georgogianni, director of Best Cybernetics comments: “To convince SME’s, particularly smaller companies, to make the transition to the digital area and embrace emerging digital technologies, we have to focus on easy to use and self-explanatory project management systems. Key to the success of the PRONTO application is that it is simple to use, intuitive and has a very easy to navigate system. This is what we at Best Cybernetics have been working on the past months.”

The on-line project management tool will use the five-stage project model cycle: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closure. Each stage will include a series of steps helping users to create simple, results-focused projects. PRONTO will facilitate the rapid planning of projects, the delegation of tasks to team members, the monitoring of progress and capturing results and impact.

A set of ‘ready-to-use’ PRONTO project template plans will be developed which users can use to fast track their own projects. The template plans will cover topics and processes that most SMEs seek to improve (e.g. new product develop/launch, recruitment plans). Alongside PRONTO will be a PRONTO toolkit containing additional time-saving tools and templates designed to drive improved performance.

About the project

Partners from the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands join forces to support SME’s in their digital transition.

The aim is to identify the lessons from this project which will be implemented in the context of VET teacher/trainers engaged in entrepreneurship training and to share these lessons with the wider VET sector and other stakeholders.

PRONTO’s objectives are:

  1. To develop a new VET tool (PRONTO) and learning portal designed to help entrepreneurs and managers to implement business performance improvements;
  2. To train 14 VET teacher/trainers in the use and delivery of PRONTO, ultimately leading to a European network of Approved PRONTO trainers;
  3. To inspire managers and entrepreneurs from SMEs in IT, UK, PT, NL EL and ES and other countries to use the PRONTO VET tool and learning portal
  4. To raise awareness of VET stakeholders responsible for increasing the competitiveness and performance of SMEs of the PRONTO VET tool and methodology

More information via John Moore (john.moore@exponentialtraining.com)


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