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Technology-Enabled Learning Trends

Technology-Enabled Learning Trends
7 October 2022 expositeadmin

The learning landscape looks very now compared to even just five years ago. The way we learn has transformed – now you can see people learning in cafes by watching a video, on buses playing a game or completing an on-line course. We are now digital learners.

Here are the BIG five technology-enabled learning trends that will have a significant impact on the way we learn whether a would-be entrepreneur, a manager or a team member:

  1. Increased Microlearning

Today’s learners expect consistent, quality content that is short, relevant, contextualized, personalized on their mobile devices. Just-in-time and on-demand learning is now a priority for most people and organisations as time is precious.

  1. Growth of Mobile Learning

Smartphones and mobile devices will continue to open up more opportunities for  the delivery of interactive and engaging content available 24/7.

  1. The Rise of Real-World Learning

In addition to making learning engaging and fun, increasingly learning needs to be more closely aligned to needs of enterprises in the real-world. Employers need practical solutions to work-based problems and not classroom-based hypothetical situations. Augmented Reality (AR), will have an increasing impact on how organisations can achieve that.

  1. Rise of Gamification

Gamification has proved to be an excellent strategy for learner engagement. Gamification will become a core component of digital learning.

  1. Increasing Collaboration with Social Learning

Collaboration is becoming a mainstream tool to engage learners, enabling smarter decision-making and enhanced business outcomes. Collaborative networks are shortening the time-to-business and cutting costs to drive employee engagement and transparency. Social learning will also have a key role in helping to effective teams and team-based decision-making strategies in business.

The use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) will improve the quality and flexibility of practical, impactful learning solutions. Erasmus+ projects such as MyVA (setting up a business as a Virtual Assistant, PRONTO (on-line project planning tool for SMEs) and Go Zero (reducing food waste) have strong TEL components making the learning resources available anywhere, anytime and delivering practical solutions to real-world challenges and opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these Erasmus projects, either check out the project website for the National MYVA Partner in your country or if in the UK call John Moore on 01455 845071 or email john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.



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