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Skills Revolution in South Africa

Skills Revolution in South Africa
21 October 2011 John Moore

We need to become professionals and play a bigger role in helping labour and business to transform the way we deliver skills programmes in South Africa.

This was the clear message coming out of the annual conference of the Association of Skills Development Facilitators South Africa (ASDFSA). The theme of the conference was continuous professional development (CPD). The key note address was delivered by John Moore, Managing Director of Exponential Training & Assessment who explored the concept of CPD through international partnerships. He explained how important it is that CPD is undertaken within the context of the global market place and not merely the South African market.  John stressed that CPD is about adding value and in the context of Skills Development Facilitators, this means adding value to clients.

Throughout the conference, a clear message emerged that CPD is about results and outputs and NOT inputs or learning activity. This point was developed further during several debates that took place which resulted in a consensus that the role of the Skills Development Facilitator was too narrow. Gill Connellan , Chair of the ASDFSA argued that the SDF role needed to be considered as a business development or consulting role rather than the more traditional, narrower role of skills administrator linked directly to meeting the needs of the Sector Education Training Authorities (SETA).

“The key to improved performance is not to focus on the number of training courses delivered and the inputs, but on the outputs – the results”. Exponential Training is currently in discussion with several organisations in South Africa interested in delivering Diplomas in management, leadership, coaching and consulting. These programmes require managers to prove their ability and performance rather than just meeting some assessment criteria. The programmes are all accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Consulting.

Continuing the theme of CPD, members of the Chartered Management Institute South Africa (CMI SA) and the Institute of Consulting South Africa (IC SA) will be able to apply to complete a set of Skill Builder modules later this month. The Skill Builders are just one of the many benefits to which members of the two professional bodies are entitled. Retailing at nearly R12,000, CMI SA and IC SA members can access the learning modules free of charge by contacting us.

The modules cover 25 Specific Skills including:

  • Developing Plans
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Focusing on Results
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Improvement
  • Explaining Clearly
  • Influencing Others
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Listening
  • Building Teams
  • Leading Teams
  • Encouraging Teamwork
  • Managing Diversity
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Providing Guidance
  • Motivating Others
  • Building Trust and Respect
  • Acting Assertively
  • Managing Time
  • Developing Self
  • Decision-making
  • Setting Objectives
  • Managing Performance
  • Developing Others
  • Providing Feedback


John Moore has over 20 years experience of training and developing Managers, Coaches, Consultants and businesses. As Managing Director of Exponential Training, John researches, speaks, blogs and writes about how to improve performance. He also designs and delivers engaging, fun and interactive learning programmes. John is a Fellow Chartered Manager and has worked with managers and organisations in over 20 different countries.


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