Siobhan Wins European LEXSHA Award

Siobhan Wins European LEXSHA Award
25 November 2015 Alexandra Johnson

WOW! Last week, I went to my first European Erasmus+ Conference to represent Exponential Training at the LEXSHA International Conference where UK entrepreneur Siobhan won the first ever LEXSHA Award.

The LEXSHA Awards

The first ever LEXSHA Awards were held during the inaugural European LEXSHA Conference held in Bordeaux. The conference was inspiring and showcased the success of the LEXSHA project.

Siobhan James-Lynn from Business GT along with six other representatives from France, Sweden, Lithuania, Portugal, the Netherlands and Greece were presented with a LEXSHA Award in recognition of the quality of their LEXSHA and contribution to the LEXSHA National Pilot. Siobhan’s LEXSHA, provided a clear and concise infographic including Tips for Generating Leads with Email.

Awards Shobahn LEXSHA

Siobhan also took to the stage as part of a round table discussion with LEXSHA Facilitators and other Members to share her experience of using LEXSHA. Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Managing Director, John Moore, asked Siobhan for advice on exploiting email marketing for Exponential Training.

In addition to delivering a presentation on Digital Approaches to Vocational Education and Training (VET), John and I also ran a workshop with representatives from each of the partner countries. The workshop, ‘Back to the Future’, used the idea of the film – time travel – to stimulate some really creative thinking. We invited LEXSHA Members to become ‘imagineers’ for half a day. Firstly, they were asked to travel back in time to 1985 to reflect on what technology looked like back then. Next they travelled forward in time to imagine what it might be like for a learner in 2045.

The workshop was hilarious and created an energetic atmosphere with the transfer of lots of knowledge and ideas. It appears that time travel can help overcome barriers such as nationality, language and generational age differences.

Also speaking at the conference was Gunilla Almgren, the President of the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises who gave the key note address. Gunilla set the scene for the conference exploring some of the economic challenges facing small businesses in Europe.

LEXSHA Au Revoir & Not Good Bye!

Although this was the last formal meeting of the LEXSHA Partners within the Leonardo Da Vinci Development of Innovation project, it is not the end. Partners drafted and agreed a Memorandum of Understanding which will see further development and continued use of the LEXSHA portal.

Already, plans are in place for LEXSHA to be used throughout Europe including how it can be exploited in some of Exponential Training’s on-going Erasmus+ projects including Fit4BusinessGrowth, UseWine and Project IPEC.

Alexandra Johnson is a recent graduate of the University of Birmingham studying Event Management. Alexandra joined the Exponential Training team in the capacity of Project and Events Coordinator and works primarily managing European projects.


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