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Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you are just starting out in management or are responsible for implementing policies within your organisation, our Coaching and Mentoring qualifications will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to get the very best from your team.

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The increase in the popularity of coaching and mentoring with both managers and specialist business and management coaches is because people now expect to be able to do more, perform to higher levels and to fulfil their dreams and goals. Great coaches and mentors make this happen.

Make a Difference and Become a Coach?

Great coaches and mentors have great listening skills and the ability to ask ‘laser-sharp’ coaching questions. They help others to perform, solve problems and to make an impact.

Throughout your coaching and mentoring qualification, your Performance Coach will share with you the same time-saving practical tools and resources that they use. Your Performance Coach has years of experience and success that they cannot wait to pass on to you so you can become a great coach and mentor.

Which Qualification is Right for You?

Whichever Coaching and Mentoring qualification you choose, you will learn to ‘up your game’ and your client’s ‘game’. Whether new to coaching and mentoring or experienced, we will make sure you work towards the right one for you.

  • Level 3 Coaching and Mentoring

    Designed for supervisors and first line managers to deliver the development of coaching and mentoring skills, with the techniques to manage individuals and teams to achieve their objectives.

  • Level 5 Management Coaching and Mentoring

    Designed for developing management coaching and mentoring skills, helping you to identify the links between coaching, mentoring and the achievement of business goals.

  • Level 7 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

    Designed for directors and senior managers with authority and drive, helping them to translate organisational strategy into effective business performance.

Whichever Qualification You Choose, You Will:

  • Learn how to use our High Performance Model to get results
  • Work one-to-one with your own Performance Coach/ Tutor on issues that matter to you
  • Receive clear and concise feedback to help your to improve your performance
  • Be able to use the same tools that we use in Exponential Training
  • Use the ideas and tools from our live Webinars in your own organisation
  • Receive FREE Chartered Management Institute membership giving you a further £1000 worth of added value
  • 24/7 FREE use of ManagementDirect, an online portal with thousands of practical ‘how to’ digital resources you can use to research and resolve problems

Not Sure Which is Right for You?

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on +44 (0)1455 845071 or alternatively complete the online enquiry form.

* All qualification programmes fees are available on request