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MYVA Road Map

MYVA Road Map
8 August 2022 expositeadmin

The Erasmus+ sponsored My Virtual Assistant (MYVA) has gone live with the European release of the MYVA training programme on 24th May 2022. At the launch, Vocational Education Training teachers and trainers from the UK, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Romania and the Czech Republic.


The Complete VA Training Package


MYVA is the complete training package for aspiring and existing virtual assistants (VAs) that want to set up and grow their own virtual enterprise. The MYVA training package includes the MYVA Mini MBA training course as well as a practical toolkit of resources, checklists, and templates.


The MYVA Mini MBA comprises a set of six Learning Modules exploring many different aspects of how to set up and run a business as a Virtual Assistant. The six Learning Modules are:


  • Module 1: The Virtual Assistant explores the emergence of global trends and the opportunities for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs
  • Module 2: Developing a Business Plan is about understanding how to prepare and present a business plan for a solopreneur enterprise
  • Module 3: Sustainability and Business Improvement is designed to help entrepreneurs to improve the sustainability, efficiency, and performance of their enterprise and to create growth
  • Module 4: Innovation and Product Development is about role of innovation and creativity in improving existing products/services and developing new ones within a Virtual Assistant enterprise
  • Module 5: Finance for Enterprises explains how to use financial and management accounts to manage the performance of a business
  • Module 6: Marketing and Networking is using marketing plans and networking to develop and grow an enterprise


To access the MYVA Mini MBA follow this link.


In addition to the MYVA Mini MBA, the package includes:


  • The MYVA ‘Think and Reflect Logbook’ – this is designed to help learners transfer their learning into practical actions
  • A set of six Virtual Assistant Enterprise Plans for learners wanting to set up as a virtual coach, trainer, social media manage, personal assistant, E-course developer, or consultant.
  • A set of 18 generic MYVA tools to support learners and enterprises to prepare a sustainable and growth-focused business plan
  • A set of 40 MYVA tools linked to specific virtual enterprises such as templates to help an e-course VA to plan and design e-courses for clients.


There is even a detailed Facilitator Guide including a training the trainer PowerPoint slide deck to enable MYVA trainers to deliver local MYVA Induction webinars to aspiring Virtual Assistants.


All the MYVA resources are available in English, Czech, Danish, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish. The resources can be downloaded from https://my-va.eu/.


The following diagram shows the MYVA Training Programme Route Map linking all the different MYVA components into a single learning journey.

Project Officer, Anne-Marie Daly from Exponential Training said:

“The MYVA partners have worked hard to bring together a comprehensive set of learning and training resources to help any would-be VA. Instead of spending time searching for information about skills, tools and templates, learners can use the MYVA resources enabling them to focus on designing, launching and growing their own VA”.


The Erasmus+ project, MYVA, pilot test started in May 2022 and runs through to November 2023. Following the pilot test which will involve around forty VET teacher/trainers and young people, the MYVA partners will be holding a series of National Conferences between December 2022 and February 2023.

If you are interested in coming to one of the National Conferences, then do not hesitate to check out the project website and contact one of the national MYVA partners. The places will be limited and therefore places will be allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’.

Other growth and enterprise related Erasmus projects involving the partners and which  complement MYVA include:

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these Erasmus projects, either check out the project website for the National MYVA Partner in your country or if in the UK call John Moore on 01455 845071 or email john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.


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