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Managers as Coaches Event

Managers as Coaches Event
10 May 2021 expositeadmin

With the news that restrictions are likely to be relaxed in June, Exponential Training is making provisional plans to host an event to celebrate the success of its Erasmus+ project, Managers as Coaches (MAC).

MAC – Playing the Game!

Following the successful pilot testing of the new Managers as Coaches Board Game with over 70 managers from Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Ireland, Exponential is making plans to host a celebration event.

Managers as Coaches  project coordinator, John Moore said:

“It was a shame that most of the pilot testing had to be delivered on-line, but nevertheless the MAC board game has proven to be a huge success. It was clear from the feedback from managers that they enjoyed MAC especially when addressing the ‘practice problems’, ‘what to say and coaching skills’ scenarios built into the game.”

Alongside the MAC board game which is designed to be played by 3 – 6 managers is a set of learning modules. The modules provide the knowledge, skills and tools needed by today’s managers to implement high impact coaching. In the UK, Exponential Training has used the learning modules and activities with various public and private sector organisations as part of a blended training solution.

In the summer, Exponential Training will be inviting managers, directors, trainers, and coaches to a seminar in the use of games and simulations to generate high impact learning experiences. During the event, delegates will learn more about the Managers as Coaches concept and will be experience using game-based learning to increase learner motivation, engagement and learning effectiveness. John Moore said:

“We will have one of the industry’s leading training game and interactive learning resource developers at the event. They will explain how they design learning points into their training activities. They will also showcase examples in a live demonstration of the power of game and experiential based learning activities”.

Managers as Coaches is just one of a new series of management and business training programmes that Exponential Training is rolling out in 2021 and 2022, others include:

  • Coaching MAPs which has been designed to help business owners and managers use a new coaching methodology focussed on performance improvement.
  • Growing European Microenterprises (GEM) – this project is about developing the skills of business coaches, advisors and consultants to support enterprises wanting to implement high growth.

At Exponential Training, we recognise the pandemic has caused a lot of personal hardship and damage to businesses and has impacted on the UK economy – this event is part of our contribution to helping rebuild UK businesses and the UK economy. If you want to be part of the rebuilding process, call me on 01455 845071 or email me on john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.


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