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MAC Pilots Success

MAC Pilots Success
11 March 2021 expositeadmin
Despite the COVID19 pandemic and national restrictions, the Managers as Coaches Erasmus partners were able to carry out the pilot testing of the new Managers as Coaches Board Game. Over 70 managers from Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Ireland all experienced the intensity and excitement of the Managers as Coaches board game.
Virtual Pilot Testing
With national lockdowns, travel restrictions and bans on public gatherings and meetings, the Erasmus+ partners decided to pilot the new Managers as Coaches virtually. Project coordinator, John Moore said:
“It is a great shame that most of the pilot testing had to be delivered on-line rather than as planned in small groups. The essence of the MAC board game is to bring people together to talk and to explore ideas and techniques. That said, I was delighted that the board game which includes ‘practice problems’, ‘what to say and coaching skills’ scenarios still generated a huge amount of debate and learning. When we can use the board game in face-to-face training sessions the learning and interaction will be tremendous.”
In total over 70 managers from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and the Czech Republic took part in the pilot test. Before the national pilots, fourteen VET teacher/trainers took part in a training the trainer course. The course was also delivered on-line and was facilitated by John Moore and Anne-Marie Daly from Exponential Training – the training was initially scheduled to be held in the Czech Republic.
One participant commented that:
“It is great to see an old-fashioned board game being used in the MAC course. All too often today, computer-based games are being used and they do not appeal to everyone – especially people of my age group. I really liked the board game – it made me think about how I support my team. I was surprised how much I learned about coaching from it!”
As you would expect with it being a pilot, there were some areas that require further development and improvement. One Cypriot participant felt the look and design of the board and the playing cards could be improved. A UK participant suggested that some of the playing cards could be left blank so players could include their own scenarios. Another felt that the board game would be “even more impactful if it was used as a learning tool as part of a face-to-face training course”. One participant said: “It looked like a report rather than a set of instructions – I would use the design that other board games use rather than the report format.”
The participant feedback questionnaires clearly show that participants rated the game with nearly eight per cent of the participants liked the feel and the flow of the game. Everyone felt that the game generated a ‘team atmosphere.
One participant commented:
“I like the educational element a lot, including the tone of voice how cards are described. I also like the element of cooperating with other players and the inclusion of role playing. All players involved in the game learn about specific topics even when they don’t have the turn”.
The Managers as Coaches board game will now be reviewed and improved based on the feedback from the pilot tests. Eventually, the game will be given to a graphic design team and further developed before launching it as a new VET training resource in 2022.
Managers as Coaches is just one of a new series of management and business training programmes that Exponential Training is rolling out in 2021 and 2022, others include:
– Coaching MAPs which has been designed to help business owners and managers use a new coaching methodology focussed on performance improvement.
– Growing European Microenterprises (GEM) – this project is about developing the skills of business coaches, advisors and consultants to support enterprises wanting to implement high growth.
“Although the pandemic has caused a lot of personal hardship and damage to our economy there are new opportunities which can all use to help in rebuilding our economy and future. If you want to be part of the rebuilding process, call me on 01455 845071 or email me on john.moore@exponentialtraining.com ”.


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