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Jared Thornton

Jared Thornton
2 November 2017 expositeadmin

We are all passionate about something but not many of us are able to combine that passion with our work in the way that Jared has. However, Jared realised that having an interest in history was not sufficient to become an effective manager.


Whilst studying for a BA in History and Politics at Portsmouth University Jared had a part time job as a Museum Assistant at the Royal Armouries. Upon graduation, Jared was delighted when his role became full time. In addition to the part time duties of working in the shop and welcoming visitors Jared began to take on more responsibilities.

Jared knew that if he was to progress further and forge a career in management he would need to combine what he was learning in practice with tried and tested management theory. Prepared to make a personal investment in his future, Jared signed up for the CMI Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management (QCF).


Jared was determined to move into a management role and subsequently be able to help make a difference at ground level.

“I wanted to progress my career and felt that in the long term I would be able to make a positive impact on the way the museum operates. I felt I needed to put structure around my work and learn how to make the most effective use of the resources I was using. I also wanted to be part of an effective team which was striving to improve its performance.”


At the time there was limited internal opportunity for Jared to develop his skills and knowledge so signing up for the CMI Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management (QCF) and studying at his own pace was the way forward.

“I chose to take the distant learning route, with Exponential Training, to gain a qualification as it fitted in with my life style. I knew it would be a contrast to the way in which I had studied for my degree but I was prepared to make it work. I promised myself I would work on the qualification at specific times and fit the work around my personal and working commitments.”

Jared recognised that to complete a qualification through distance learning would be challenging and would require a certain amount of discipline.

“If I could pass on advice to others who are thinking of studying in this way it would be to push yourself and think of the reward at the end. Self-motivation is essential; try not to deviate from any plans and don’t give in to distractions.”


Before completing the CMI Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management (QCF), Jared had the opportunity to apply for a new management position within the Royal Armouries. He rose above the internal and external competition and was offered the role of Visitor Services Officer. Jared saw this as an opportunity to start applying his studies around the subjects of resource planning and improving team performance.

Now, two months into the role, Jared is implementing what he has learnt and also believes he is developing the way in which communication takes place between staff and management.

“I have started to implement a training programme for staff, focusing on the needs of each individual and aligning development to the needs of the business. My philosophy is to see the strengths people have and utilise them.”

Jared understands that the most efficient and effective way of working is important so completing a unit about resource management helped him to examine how this was done within the Royal Armouries. This serves to demonstrate the benefit of completing a qualification which not only provides the opportunity for professional development but also to reflect on and develop work place practice.