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Jan Bridgwater

Jan Bridgwater
3 November 2017 expositeadmin

To say that working as a Management Consultant can be both challenging and lonely at times is an understatement. They are some of the reasons why Purchasing Consultant, Jan Bridgwater, chose Exponential Training to hone her skills and performance.


Jan Bridgwater is an experienced Purchasing Consultant who started her own business, Bridgwater Consultancy Limited, in 2008 after having been made redundant in the middle of the financial downturn which was being experienced at the time. Jan’s purchasing background within the car industry enabled her to take on consultancy assignments within similar organisations.


As Jan’s business grew she found herself in the fortunate situation of constantly helping businesses to develop and improve. Work was always available; however, Jan began to recognise that she lacked a professional consulting qualification confirming her abilities.

“I felt that I was not offering the professional service my clients deserved; I wasn’t thinking as strategically as I could have and my consulting lacked structure. I knew that I owed my clients more than this so decided to develop myself professionally and learn about new consulting techniques and models”.


Having researched possible solutions and having been impressed with the qualifications offered by the Institute of Consulting (IC) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

“I recognised that CMI/IC have a good reputation, awarded professional and prestigious qualifications and that I would be proud to add such a qualification to my curriculum vitae.

I decided to study for the CMI Diploma in Professional Consulting through the distance learning method as delivered by Exponential Training. I recognised that this method would suit my needs and allow me to study when I wanted to rather than having to commit to regular attendance at a college or university”.


As a result of being awarded a Professional Consulting qualification, Jan has increased her knowledge and ability to use a range of analytical tools to define client needs and problems. It has also enabled Jan to adopt a more structured approach when working with clients to improve their performance.

As a consequence of working with her Performance Coach, Anne-Marie Daly, Jan is more organised and is now making use of new communication tools. Jan claims that she is seeing an increase in her self-belief and confidence and now feels equipped to approach and work with larger clients and to make a significant impact at a strategic level.

“I find that I am broadening my offering now, for example, I develop and mentor others – something I wouldn’t have considered before successfully completing the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Professional Consulting (QCF). I also know that I am a better listener, being able to sit back and not interrupt what my client is saying”.