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Introducing the ‘Triple Bottom-line Consultant’

Introducing the ‘Triple Bottom-line Consultant’
3 November 2015 Alexandra Johnson

The first group of business coaches and consultants have completed the Triple Bottom-line Training Programme as part of the UseWine Erasmus+ Project.

Exponential Trainers, John Moore and Anne-Marie Daly, delivered the first UseWine Triple Bottom-line Training Course. The course attended by delegates from Cyprus, Austria, Poland, Spain and Romania provided a practical and ‘hands-on’ explanation of how to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop and implement sustainable business practices covering the Planet, People and Profit – the three elements of the Triple Bottom-line Model.

The training, which is a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recognised programme, is part of the UseWine Erasmus+ Project. The course is packed with over 50 practical tools and techniques for coaches and consultants. Some of the most popular tools built into the course include the Triple Bottom-line Business Orbit and the diagnostic tool that helps businesses to pinpoint areas for development.

Following the success of the training course aptly held in the beautiful mountains of the Troodos National Park in Cyprus, a second course is planned for the New Year. Already there is interest from delegates from France, Portugal and the UK.

Feedback from the course was extremely positive, measuring an overall impact on knowledge of 174% and an increase in confidence of 150% for delegates. These performance indicators were captured during a before and after evaluation exercise which  shows the biggest impact in understanding the role of the TBL Consultant, analysing how TBL projects impact on the strategic objectives of a client and presenting TBL proposals to clients.

“Being able to deliver profitable, sustainable and well run businesses is a real challenge. The environment is precious and what this course achieves is a balance between commercial business practice, implementing cost-effective and sustainable strategies and making sure we look after our people and local communities.”

John Moore, Course Director

If you are interested in taking part in the programme and becoming a Triple Bottom-line Consultant please feel free to contact us.

Alexandra Johnson is a recent graduate of the University of Birmingham studying Event Management. Alexandra joined the Exponential Training team in the capacity of Project and Events Coordinator and works primarily managing European projects.


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