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GrowthAccelerator Leadership and Management Development

GrowthAccelerator Leadership and Management Development
17 December 2013 Guest Expert

Thousands of businesses have signed up to GrowthAccelerator to benefit from tailored expert advice and help to increase turnover, profits and jobs.

This unique service helps ambitious SME’s to uncover the real barriers that are preventing them from achieving their potential with the support of a designated Growth Manager. We then help to identify and introduce the right Growth Coach to work with you to define your Growth Plan, help focus on your challenges and provide experience and support to help you to overcome the barriers standing between you and your business growth targets.

Invest in your team and we will too with match funding of up to £2,000 for every director and senior manager.

Through GrowthAccelerator, there is also exclusive access of up to £2,000 match funding for every senior manager and director involved in the strategic direction of the business, allowing them to undertake leadership and management training. This helps to ensure that your business has the best chance of reaching its full potential.

Training eligible for match funding through GrowthAccelerator will fall under the following key areas:

  • Developing an effective personal leadership and management style
  • Leading and managing high performance
  • Planning and developing an effective organisation
  • Creating a joint enterprise culture
  • Sustaining growth and continuous improvement
  • Embedding a culture of innovation
  • New market entry

Many Midlands based businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors have signed up to GrowthAccelerator and are also benefiting from leadership and management development…

…An example of how we’ve helped

Mailway is a contract packaging company founded in 1977 and with experience in a wide range of markets, from confectionery to cosmetics and food and drink to healthcare, and one of the broadest ranges of packaging capabilities, including a market-leading flow-wrapping service. Working with clients like Coca-Cola, Next, Kellogg’s, Mars, Unilever and Sainsbury’s, it develops innovative packaging solutions to meet their logistical challenges, budgetary pressures and environmental demands, primarily for special offer, gift and seasonal products.

Mailway had recently won a multi-million pound contract with a major confectionery company and this deal brought with it the need for support to establish strong, consistent management of a second factory and the impetus to capitalise on growth momentum by freeing up the leadership team to focus on new business development.

In early 2013, Mailway was matched with Growth Coach and local organisational innovation expert Dave Roberts to address the strategic and structural implications of its new scale and desired growth. It quickly emerged that developing the leadership and management capabilities of a cohort of managers was the key to unlocking the company’s potential.

This has proven to be the case. Following an ambitious 12 month development programme for 30 managers, designed with the assistance of GrowthAccelerator Leadership and Management specialist Kath Baker, Mailway has restructured its teams and improved performance and operational management. There is now one management team very effectively running the 24/7 operations at its two sites. As a result, the leadership team can delegate more than ever before and concentrate its efforts on the strategic position of the company and the winning of new business.

‘We had already articulated our ambition to achieve a £30m turnover in three years and GrowthAccelerator was very quick off the mark in terms of seeing that building the capabilities of our management team was the way to make it possible,’ says CEO Richard Bramma. ‘By doubling our training budget, GrowthAccelerator allowed us to develop our people further and faster than we would otherwise have been able to do, which has been vital as we are growing at double quick pace.’

To find out more about GrowthAccelerator and leadership and management development, please contact Kath Baker by email to: kath.baker@growthaccelerator.com


Kath BakerKath Baker is a leadership and management specialist at GrowthAccelerator, which is unique service led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists and backed by Government. Thousands of businesses have already signed up to the service to benefit from tailored expert advice and help to increase turnover, profits and jobs.


NB: This publication reflects the views of the author.


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