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Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business
20 January 2020 John Moore

Growing European Microenterprises

Growing European Microenterprises otherwise known as GEM, is a new and exciting Erasmus+ project involving Exponential Training & Assessment. The aim of the GEM project is to develop a new coaching methodology setting out the competences and skills required by coaches specializing in helping microenterprise to achieve fast growth.


GEM Transformation Portal

Growing European Micro-enterprises (GEM) is about building High Growth Enterprise Coaching capacity and capability in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and Austria and across Europe. GEM aims to contribute to the development of an increase in the number of High Growth Enterprises throughout Europe.


GEM will result in a new digital learning tool giving VET teacher/trainers access to a new open education platform called, the ‘GEM Transformation Portal’. The portal will provide experienced VET teacher/trainers and coaches with continuous professional development opportunities. It will also contribute to developing the next generation of High Growth Enterprise Coaches. The GEM Transformation Portal will be built around a new High Growth Enterprise Coaching Framework and will include a set of High Growth Enterprise Coaching modules, practical tools and models and a forum enabling High Growth Enterprise Coaches to share and exchange good practice.


During the project, around ninety participants will be registered onto the GEM Portal and will complete a series of specialist Learning Journeys. Each on-line Learning Journey will provide them with a set of tools and techniques that they can use when coaching microenterprises. 


After the piloting phase of the project, partners will publish a handbook called ‘Growing European Microenterprises the High Growth Enterprise Coaching. The handbook will be packed with examples of an array of tool and methodologies as well as many practical tools and techniques to support business growth


If you are thinking about becoming a business coach or you already deliver business coaching then why not register your interest in GEM today by visiting the GEM website or by contacting john.moore@exponentiatraining,com today and be among the first to benefit from Growing European Microenterprises.



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John Moore has over 20 years experience of training and developing Managers, Coaches, Consultants and businesses. As Managing Director of Exponential Training, John researches, speaks, blogs and writes about how to improve performance. He also designs and delivers engaging, fun and interactive learning programmes. John is a Fellow Chartered Manager and has worked with managers and organisations in over 20 different countries.