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Exponential Training Say Cheers!

Exponential Training Say Cheers!
23 July 2022 expositeadmin

This week, Exponential Training shared the success of the Erasmus+ project, Enterprises Growing Through Business Simulations (known as E-Growth). The conference held at Exponential’s offices in Earl Shilton and showcased the E-Growth products and toolkit.

Using E-Growth to Drive Economic Recovery

The conference was packed with practical ideas, tools and resources all designed to help entrepreneurs to grow and sustain their enterprises. Starting and ending with a networking session, the morning conference saw presentations by Exponential’s Managing Director, John Moore and Quality Manager, Anne-Marie Daly.

The delegates were given access to the E-Growth business simulation, PROSPER as well as a set of seven Learning Journey and a business growth toolkit of resources. The Erasmus+ project started in 2020 and involved partners from Greece, Hungary, Spain and the Czech Republic. Partners had to contend with the restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic which impacted on the number of face-to-face meetings held throughout the project.

“The pandemic has hit economies across the globe hard. The importance of small and medium sized enterprises in helping to drive the economic recovery cannot be over overstated – for every European country they are the backbone of the economy. I hope that the E-Growth project will live on and help enterprises to bunce back”, commented John Moore.

One of the aims of E-Growth was to demonstrate the value of technology enhanced learning (TEL) to vocational education and training centres. The pandemic lockdowns has catapulted the importance of TEL with VET centres advancing their use of remote learning, video conferencing and use of e-learning.

Anne-Marie Daly said, “When the E-Growth project was developed as a concept, no one had heard of COVID19. The timing of the E-Growth project was ideal for the entrepreneurs and enterprises that took part in the pilot testing of the business simulation and the Learning Journeys. I hope that the E-Growth products will be further developed and adapted by the partners so that we create a legacy of which we can be proud”.

The E-Growth products – the business simulation, Prosper, the Learning Journeys and the Business Growth Toolkit – were shared with 36 delegates on the day of the conference. Exponential aims to share the resources with hundreds of managers, learners and enterprises over the coming months. If you would like to receive access to any of the E-Growth resources, contact John Moore on 01455 845071 or email john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.


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