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Exponential Training is More than Just a Family Affair

Exponential Training is More than Just a Family Affair
25 August 2011 James Dillon

Despite being 5,000 miles apart, 23 August marked Exponential Directors John and Michelle Moore’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Michelle arranged for John to be presented with a special anniversary card whilst he was delivering training in Mongolia. The card was presented by Oyunjargal Tsendbazar , National Director of the BAS Mongolia Programme on the second day of the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCE) workshop.

John established Exponential Training & Assessment in 1999 and soon asked Michelle to become a Director as the business flourished.  From its humble beginnings in their garage at home, Exponential Training has grown into a thriving, successful training organisation operating internationally.

There is no doubt that running your own business is challenging under normal circumstances, but it becomes even more so when family members become involved. Exponential Training’s success is a testimony to John and Michelle’s business and personal relationship, so the Exponential team asked them to reveal the secret of their success.

“It is difficult when the first words your husband utters in the morning are about business contracts, training programmes and financial performance”, said Michelle. “What is helping to keep our relationship fresh, is the fact that John is out of the country so much – in October, I think he will only be in the UK for about six days!”

John added, “I think there are several reasons we work together well most of the time. Michelle is practical, prudent and thinks through issues in detail, whilst I dream and flit from one thing to another. If it wasn’t for Michelle, I am sure I would have gone bust several times over!”.

One of the major flash points in Exponential’s history came in 2008 when John decided it was time to re-invent Exponential Training as a global online training and assessment business. Recognising the pending economic problems in the UK, John researched and developed a vision to remodel Exponential Training. Reluctant at first, Michelle needed to understand the detail and so together they developed Exponential’s International Study Partner Programme and suite of distance based qualifications.

Armed with the mantra “flexible, affordable, professional accreditation”, John and the Exponential team have now built up an impressive network of partners and customers from Ireland, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy, the Cayman Islands, South Africa, Singapore, India, Cameroon and most recently Mongolia.

In September, Michelle is visiting Berlin to meet with a new set of partners, whilst in October and November, John resumes his travels with visits to Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago. Rarely do they both go on visits as they have children to consider. However, in October, they are both visiting Romania for a week to meet with various partners.

In recent months, several of the Exponential team have also started travelling overseas, for instance earlier this year, James met with partners in Greece and Ireland, Ashleigh is about to visit Greece and Anne-Marie has delivered training in South Africa and Georgia.

If the saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true, then John and Michelle and Team Expo must be pretty fond of each other by now!

On behalf of the Exponential Team, we would like to congratulate John and Michelle on their Silver Wedding Anniversary and wish them continued success in the future.

James Dillon is Business Development Manager at Exponential Training and has over 5 years experience working with current and aspiring Managers, Coaches and Consultants. James works with both past and potential clients in order to help them find the right training & development solutions to meet their specific needs. You can contact James or connect through LinkedIn.


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