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2 February 2021 expositeadmin

Project Type: Erasmus+

The E-Growth project aims E-GROWTH aims to support the continuous professional development of VET teacher/trainers in the use of TEL within in VET courses. It will promote modern pedagogical, training methods and teaching practices, and develop learning materials and tools that support the effective use TEL.

E-Growth will be executed by a partnership of six organisation from five different EU countries: CZ, UK, ES, HU and EL. The partners hip comprises an NGO, a university a VET centre and SMEs. Partners will demonstrate how VET teacher/trainers and VET institutes can develop and deliver TEL training. This will be achieved by creating a set of VET tools and resources which can be used in the delivery of entrepreneurship training. It will involve the design, development and implementation of a new digital simulation called, Entrepreneurs –
Going for Growth, and the publication of an e-book called ‘A Guide to Using TEL in VET’.

Project Duration: 2020-2022


E-Growth Partners

Exponential Training & Assessment – United Kingdom

Exponential Training (ETA) is a vocational education, training supplier operating in over 50 different countries worldwide and specialises in the following areas:

  • Development and delivery of online, distance and blended learning programmes awarded by the Chartered Management Institute;
  • Development and management of online learning platforms;
  • Delivery of vocational qualifications for managers, SME owners and business coaches.

TREBAG Ltd – Hungary

Since 1995, they have been engaged in research and development, primarily in the field of Internet content development and the practical application of the Internet. They have been developing teaching materials since 2000, primarily e-learning materials. They have participated in a number of projects under the European Union Framework Programs and the Lifelong Learning Program.
Trebag have been providing R & D & I management consulting since 2005. This service has already been used by a significant number of companies and large companies.

Best Cybernetics – Greece

Best Cybernetics was founded in 2009 as a private owned software, consulting and training company. With headquarters in Patra, Best Cybernetics has developed business activities covering the whole Greece and has developed a significant partner network and a large customer base by investing in long-term relationships of trust and reliability. The Company develops programmes for the use and application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in the Education, Training and Business sectors.


CZU Prague is one of the leading life sciences universities in Central Europe. The large and constantly developing campus offers excellent opportunities for education and research. The CZU offers higher education in six faculties and one institute.


Professional Training Solutions (STP Consulting) is located in Zaragoza (Spain) and it offers training and technical support to private companies, public bodies, schools, NGOs into innovation in the areas of education sector, and professionalisation of non-profit sector. Contribute with our services to intercultural change, and to accessibility of innovation and
information for people and communities with a social risk as well as disadvantages. Our main activity is to improve educational, social and cultural standards by intensive co-operation
with other EU regions.


Founded in 1987, Red Araña was created to be a link between different associations with a fundamental goal: to create tools and strategies in labour matters. Nowadays, the Spanish Network of Entities for Employment, Red Araña (hereinafter, La Red) gives support to 22 associations from all over Spain.