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Congratulations Jon on Your Promotion to Management

Congratulations Jon on Your Promotion to Management
31 May 2016 James Dillon

Recognising hard work alone was not enough for success and promotion, Jon Deards from Whitworth Bros. Ltd, decided he needed to achieve a Chartered Management Institute’s Management & Leadership qualification – he is now a member of the company’s senior management team.

Advancing My Management Career

Despite Jon’s extensive practical experience in the milling industry having joined Whitworth Bros. Ltd as a Shift Miller ten years earlier he wanted more. Determined to progress within the organisation, Jon worked towards becoming a Technical Miller, however this was not enough; he wanted to progress further still. Jon applied for another promotion opportunity, but was unsuccessful – this was the trigger for him to gain a formal management qualification.

“To secure the promotion I was striving for I needed to demonstrate I was willing to take the time to develop my management knowledge and then be seen to put that knowledge into practice. Throughout my career I have observed different styles of management – some effective and some less so. I wanted to be sure that when my promotion came I would handle situations to the best of my ability and more importantly, effectively.”

Even before completing his CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership qualification, Jon was promoted to the Senior Management Team.

Making the Business Case

Deciding that the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Exponential Training was the right choice, Jon had to persuade his manager.  Jon set out the business case outlining exactly how would benefit from investing in his professional development. Jon’s request for funding to complete the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership as delivered by Exponential Training’s distance learning method was approved.

“I wanted to take the route which would have minimal impact on my work commitments and did not want to have to commit to college attendance. I knew I would have to study in my own time and therefore planned specific times when I would do this. The flexibility of distance learning also meant that when I found myself with a few spare minutes I would be able to use the time productively for personal development.”

Jon explained that studying alone can be daunting and requires a lot of discipline. But he recognised that he was not alone. Jon found the support from his Exponential Training Performance Coach/ Tutor both helpful and motivating. He also found using the online resources on ManagementDirect, saved him time and provided lots of practical ideas and tools.


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Impact on Performance at Work

Jon learned a great deal from completing his CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership qualification. One key learning point uppermost in his mind is that management styles need to be adapted to suit the needs of the situation and the people involved.

“In my role, I tend to be bombarded with so much information it can be over-whelming; the unit based on information management taught me to focus on what is needed and sort it into meaningful and relevant information.”

The biggest impact for Jon is that he earned his promotion even before being awarded his professional qualification. As for other examples of impact on his performance, Jon explained how he has changed his approach to meetings:

“I have restructured our planning meetings and now instead of them taking place daily they are held weekly. My team tell me they feel more motivated and involved in the operation and I have noticed that more preventative maintenance is carried out rather than fire-fighting situations.”

For more information on John’s success story read his full case study by clicking here.

You Can Be Just Like Jon

If you are considering your next career move or would like to formalise the skills and experience you have acquired, please check out our range of professional qualifications for Managers, Coaches and Consultants.

Find out more information regarding our Professional Qualifications:

James Dillon is Business Development Manager at Exponential Training and has over 5 years experience working with current and aspiring Managers, Coaches and Consultants. James works with both past and potential clients in order to help them find the right training & development solutions to meet their specific needs. You can contact James or connect through LinkedIn.


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