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Previous Collaborations

Please find below a list of previous projects that Exponential Training have participated in. Our past projects live on and continue to be used throughout the UK and Europe.

  • UseWine

    The UseWine project compromises of three key features: People, Planet and Profit. The project is helping SMEs implement this structure into their vineyards. Triple Bottom-line leaders believe that taking care of profits, people, and the planet are critical to corporate success, for the business viability and long term sustainability. Studies indicate that the three most critical individual leadership competencies necessary for adopting the TBL approach are long-term vision, effective communication, and powerful influence.

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  • Fit4BusinessGrowth (F4BG)

    F4BG recognises the need not only to maintain the existing levels of Training and Education, but also to develop new skills and aptitudes required if Europe is to remain competitive in the market place and gain further opportunities. The use of High Performance Work Practices, Wellness Practices and Business Growth Coaching represents an opportunity to engage the target group (SMEs) in a new and relevant, high quality, innovative work-based Vocational Education and Training (VET).

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The High Growth Coach

The aim of this project was to adapt and deliver a UK development programme for coaches working with high growth companies. It enabled the development of effective and competent specialist high growth coaches for use by regional and national agencies engaged in high growth coaching in Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia and Hungary. The programme was piloted by up to 18 coaches in each of the five partner countries.

Perspectives 360

This project aimed to transfer the use of a 360 degree management skills assessment tool, Perspectives 360, from the UK to Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Ireland. It resulted in the assessment of 300 SME managers and the development of the European Management Skills Benchmark Database. This project resulted in new insight, understanding and acceptance of 360 degree assessment and feedback models and their use in the recognition of skills and competence.


Through BizLearn.Net a (learning) network of small-and micro-enterprise was created, which became a ‘living’ organisation generating new learning content and training courses itself. It promoted informal and self-directed learning through a network of like minded businesses across Europe and created a new resource for entrepreneurs.


LEXSHA is all about helping and supporting owners of micro businesses to learn, develop and to grow their business. It is about entrepreneurs and business owners learning, exchanging and sharing knowledge with each other in a unique way – it is all about learning from your peers.

Previous Projects

Exponential Training have a number of European Projects as both lead/ coordinator and partner. Click below to find out more about many of our current European projects.

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