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The COVID pandemic has challenged governments, businesses and individuals. It has forced people and businesses to seek new solutions and in part has driven a boom in people setting up their own virtual enterprises. MyVA has therefore been relevant to millions of would-be entrepreneurs throughout Europe.

Current European Projects

If you believe we can add value to your European project or if you think you can add value to one of our future projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here is a summary of some of our current and previous European projects:

  • MyVA

    This partnership will create following outputs: IO1: Mini MBA Training Package; IO2: MyVA Enterprise Plan; IO3: MyVA Facilitator.

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  • Go Zero

    This partnership will create following outputs: 1)IO1: Comprehensive Framework on Waste Management Applications in Europe and A Comparative Report (on Current Legislation) 2) IO2: Waste Management Skills Defined in Food Sector and the Training Curriculum (EQF4);

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  • SustainAgri

    This project utilises the traits of the Millennials and Generation Z to create the springboard for a new breed of agripreneurs (entrepreneurs in agriculture) who can embrace farming and transform it into sustainable entrepreneurship.

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  • E-Growth

    The E-Growth project aims E-GROWTH aims to support the continuous professional development of VET teacher/trainers in the use of TEL within in VET courses. It will promote modern pedagogical, training methods and teaching practices, and develop learning materials and tools that support the effective use TEL.

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  • EPIC

    The importance of innovation for SMEs is widely recognised. Innovation boosts productivity and facilitates substantial growth in sales. Survival rates are also higher in SMEs that innovate, for the simple reason that they are flexible and better able to adapt to challenging market conditions. To operate effectively, a systematic approach is needed if improvement efforts are to succeed and businesses are to remain competitive in dynamic markets.

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  • Coaching Maps (C-MAP)

    Research shows that the implementation and uptake of High-performance Work Practices (HWP) practices within an organisation positively correlates with the rate of organisational growth, increased organisational profitability, higher job satisfaction, lower staff turnover and greater innovation and creativity within the workplace. HWP is defined as: “a general approach to managing organisations that aims to stimulate more effective employee involvement and commitment in order to achieve high levels of performance… designed to enhance the discretionary effort employees put into their work, and to fully utilise the skills that they possess.’ Coaching MAPs (C-MAP) aims to help team leaders, mangers and organisations to improve their performance using a new coaching methodology called C-MAPs.

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  • Managers As Coaches (MAC)

    Coaching and performance management is now a key competence required by managers. Research shows that organisations which have developed and embraced a coaching culture outperform organisations that have not (CMI 2016: 21st Century Leaders – Building Employability Through Higher Education). This project is about developing Managers as Coaches (MAC).

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    Growing European Micro-enterprises (GEM) is about building High Growth Enterprise Coaching capacity and capability in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and Austria and across Europe. GEM aims to contribute to the development of an increase in the number of High Growth Enterprises throughout Europe.

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  • COOP In

    Due to changes in the economic environment, demographic change and greater socio-cultural diversity, businesses and organisations are facing a number of challenges and opportunities in effectively managing their day-to-day operations and strategic direction and development.

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  • IGEN

    Companies face several challenges due to changes in labor market trends, such as a trend of labor demand exceeding labor supply in the near future, or the already three different generations (baby boomers, X and Y) present in the labor market augmented with the new generation, so called Gen Z, recently entering the job market with whole new expectations, and so little known about.

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  • Breed2Lead

    The recent economic crisis has surfaced problems related to Europe’s economic model. On one hand, the EU has lifted a non-negotiable banner through its Europe 2020 strategy calling for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and on the other hand, there is a questionable economic model to base it on. Drastic action must be taken to change the current situation.

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    Tourism SMEs will benefit from learning innovative strategies to develop their operation in order to compete on a global level. ROOTS project will create innovative training materials to assist Tourism SMEs to develop their skills in areas such as: Team working, Networking, Cultural and Heritage Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills.

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  • Skill Circle

    The Skill-Circle project will enhance understanding about the circular economy thinking. This will be done through the use of digital storytelling and training materials with the development of a new curricula. It will help learners to develop new business opportunities as well as to creating local jobs at all skills levels and opportunities for social integration.

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    The IDEAL project aims to help educators, teachers and trainers in (in)formal adult education understand and put digital education into practice. Attention will be given to innovation in pedagogy through supporting professional development to enhance innovative teaching practice, including ways of using and bringing digital tools into the classroom. As a result, the project will promote digital literacy, skills & inclusion for both teachers & learners.

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  • Flipping First Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training

    The project – Flipping Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training – is a Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. 

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  • Learn Engage Apply Perform (LEAP)

    The LEAP project will create an e-portfolio environment to facilitate improvements in learner performance, motivation, engagement and achievement. LEAP will encourage reflective, self-directed learning, leading to deeper learning and the transfer of knowledge and learning into improved performance.

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  • Digital Transformation of European Micro Enterprises (DiTEM)

    DiTEM aims to develop an innovative training system to allow micro enterprises to take up the Digital Transformation. In the competitive market of the third millennium, there is a need to equip businesses to become the enterprises of the future, where digitalisation of companies and e-leadership skills will be a MUST.

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  • TeamMate 360

    The aim of the TeamMate 360 project is to develop a web-based 360 degree assessment system that collects and collates feedback about from the assessment of the performance of team leaders and managers. The assessment system will provide a detailed skills assessment in six Core Skills: Developing Team Plans, Team Leadership, Team Communication, Working as a Team, Performance Management and Exploiting Technology. Unlike other on-line assessment systems, TeamMate 360 will also include a personalised development plan for team leaders and managers.

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  • Project IPEC

    IPEC intends to stimulate a European debate about the potential of gamification within VET as mechanism for improving SME performance. As a demonstrator project, IPEC will be presented as a ‘blueprint’ for further innovative uses of gamification within VET. The IPEC project is the first to explore the combined use of gamification and a Project Management methodology designed specifically for the target group – SMEs.

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Previous Projects

Exponential Training have successfully completed a number of European Projects as both lead/ coordinator and partner. Two of our past projects live on and continue to be used throughout the UK and Europe – projects like the High Growth Coach and Perspectives 360.

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