The acid test for any European funded project is: ‘what happens after the funding?’. Our projects live on beyond the lifetime of the funding and continue adding value.

Current European Projects

If you believe we can add value to your European project or if you think you can add value to one of our future projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here is a summary of some of our current and previous European projects:

  • Flipping First Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training

    The project – Flipping Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training – is an is a Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. 

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  • Learn Engage Apply Perform (LEAP)

    The LEAP project will create an e-portfolio environment to facilitate improvements in learner performance, motivation, engagement and achievement. LEAP will encourage reflective, self-directed learning, leading to deeper learning and the transfer of knowledge and learning into improved performance.

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  • Digital Transformation of European Micro Enterprises (DiTEM)

    DiTEM aims to develop an innovative training system to allow micro enterprises to take up the Digital Transformation. In the competitive market of the third millennium, there is a need to equip businesses to become the enterprises of the future, where digitalisation of companies and e-leadership skills will be a MUST.

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  • TeamMate 360

    The aim of the TeamMate 360 project is to develop a web-based 360 degree assessment system that collects and collates feedback about from the assessment of the performance of team leaders and managers. The assessment system will provide a detailed skills assessment in six Core Skills: Developing Team Plans, Team Leadership, Team Communication, Working as a Team, Performance Management and Exploiting Technology. Unlike other on-line assessment systems, TeamMate 360 will also include a personalised development plan for team leaders and managers.

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  • UseWine

    The UseWine project compromises of three key features: People, Planet and Profit. The project is helping SMEs implement this structure into their vineyards. Triple Bottom-line leaders believe that taking care of profits, people, and the planet are critical to corporate success, for the business viability and long term sustainability. Studies indicate that the three most critical individual leadership competencies necessary for adopting the TBL approach are long-term vision, effective communication, and powerful influence.

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  • Project IPEC

    IPEC intends to stimulate a European debate about the potential of gamification within VET as mechanism for improving SME performance. As a demonstrator project, IPEC will be presented as a ‘blueprint’ for further innovative uses of gamification within VET. The IPEC project is the first to explore the combined use of gamification and a Project Management methodology designed specifically for the target group – SMEs.

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Previous Projects

Exponential Training have successfully completed a number of European Projects as both lead/ coordinator and partner. Two of our past projects live on and continue to be used throughout the UK and Europe – projects like the High Growth Coach and Perspectives 360.

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