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  • Leicester City – A Lesson in Leadership

    Unless you have been asleep for the last week, you will know that our local football club, Leicester City, have been…

  • Which Manager is the Better Leader?

    One has won many awards and managed a world class organisation packed with some of the most talented professionals within…

  • 7 Top Tips for Effective Delegation

    Time is a Manager’s Most Precious Commodity. No Matter How Hard You Might Try, It's Impossible for a Manager to…

  • Scotland and Democratic Leadership

    Whether you were a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’, we now know the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum and Scotland…

  • Book Review: Lead to Succeed

    ‘The only leadership book you need,’ trumpets the cover of Lead to Succeed. One reviewer even suggests that …“If you…

  • Schumacher Relies on High Performance Team

    As doctors continue their efforts to bring Michael Schumacher out of his coma, he is even more dependent now upon…

  • Time to Rethink Leadership Development

    Leadership excellence is fundamental to the health and performance of an organisation. Leadership development, however, in most cases is a costly…

  • lead

    Lack of Support for Managers Leads to Leadership Problems

    An amazing finding from new research undertaken by the CIPD concludes that 36% of line managers have not received any…

  • managment book

    Book Review: The Management Book

    Short, simple and not rocket science, but insightful – The Management Book. Winner of Chartered Management Institute Book of the…

  • Book Review: Extreme Trust

    ‘Extreme Trust’ is a book by Don Peppers & Martha Rogers which takes ‘Trust’ to a whole new level. Most…