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Calling All ‘Would Be’ Entrepreneurs

Calling All ‘Would Be’ Entrepreneurs
24 September 2022 expositeadmin

In November, Exponential Training & Assessment will be showcasing the results of a two-year Erasmus+ project called MyVA. MyVA started off as a project designed to help aspiring Virtual Assistants to plan and set up their own enterprise. However, the COVID pandemic elevated the importance of the project to all ‘would-be’ entrepreneurs.

Become an On-line Entrepreneur

After nearly two years which included the pandemic lockdown, Exponential is hosting a mini conference to showcase the products developed and tested during the Erasmus+ project. During the event which will be held on Monday 22 November, Managing Director John Moore and Quality Manager Anne-Marie Daly will present the results of the project and share the products with the participants.

John said. “We had no idea when preparing the MyVA project application just how relevant it would be to most businesses. With the lockdown, business both large and mall had to quickly find and learn new ways of working. MyVA was based on looking at new ways of working for aspiring virtual Assistants. The MyVA products which included a Mini MBA Training Package and dozens of on-line business planning tools and templates could also be used with other businesses to help them adapt their business model”.

The event will start with an introduction to Erasmus+ and the MyVA project. John and Anne-Marie will then talk the participants through the project. To bring the event to life, everyone will get free copies of all the tools and templates including the Mini MBA Training Package.

Anne-Marie said, “In many respects, business is business therefore the value of the business tools and resources developed during the project are of value to almost any business The project took an innovative approach aiming to help entrepreneurs to take advantage of digital learning and strategies. In today’s world, being efficient, sustainable and innovative are three ‘key watch words’. MyVA will help anyone looking to set up or improve their company’s performance, especially if they are Virtual Assistants.

Surviving COVID and thriving post-COVID means adopting innovative practices, implementing new ways of working, digitalising systems NOW and not after the pandemic. Book your place at the MyVA conference and find out how you can adopt the MyVA best practices into your organisation.

If you are looking to re-build and grow your business, take a look at these three practical Erasmus+ projects to kick start your thought processes:

  • MyVA (setting up a business as a Virtual Assistant
  • PRONTO (on-line project planning tool for SMEs)
  • Go Zero (reducing food waste).

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these Erasmus projects, either check out the project website or if in the UK call John Moore on 01455 845071 or email john.moore@exponentialtraining.com.



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