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Coaching Maps (C-MAP)

Coaching Maps (C-MAP)
22 January 2020 John Moore

Project Type: Erasmus+

Research shows that the implementation and uptake of High-performance Work Practices (HWP) practices within an organisation positively correlates with the rate of organisational growth, increased organisational profitability, higher job satisfaction, lower staff turnover and greater innovation and creativity within the workplace. HWP is defined as: “a general approach to managing organisations that aims to stimulate more effective employee involvement and commitment in order to achieve high levels of performance… designed to enhance the discretionary effort employees put into their work, and to fully utilise the skills that they possess.’ Coaching MAPs (C-MAP) aims to help team leaders, mangers and organisations to improve their performance using a new coaching methodology called C-MAPs.

Project Duration: 2019-2021

 C-MAP Partners

Exponential Training & Assessment – United Kingdom

Exponential Training (ETA) is a vocational education, training supplier operating in over 50 different countries worldwide and specialises in the following areas:

  • Development and delivery of online, distance and blended learning programmes awarded by the Chartered Management Institute;
  • Development and management of online learning platforms;
  • Delivery of vocational qualifications for managers, SME owners and business coaches.

Institute of Technology Tralee – Ireland

The Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) has participated in a number of EU and national programmes as a partner and as the Applicant. ITT specialises in several areas including technology, languages and entrepreneurship. Training for successful project coordination is not only relevant to ITT staff but also to the students for their future careers. The ITT staff has many national and international networks that would be suitable to disseminate the core ideas of this project. It is also not discipline specific which will make piloting and dissemination easier.

ITT has been at the forefront of learning since its establishment and has since, gained a reputation as a centre of distinction for teaching, learning and research. The Institute offers a range of full-time and part-time courses ranging from foundation level, through to certificate, degree, post-graduate and doctoral level. Enhancing the taught programmes at the Institute is a world class programme of research.

Mindshift Talent Advisory lda – Portugal

Mindshift Talent Advisory is a start-up HR Consultancy established in 2017 in Lisbon, with a strong focus on digital-based solutions. Mindshift operates in Portugal in the following core areas of business:

-Soft skills development through Coaching and Training blended programmes, to SME and large corporations;
-Designing and implementing Mentoring and High Potential Identification programmes with the aim of
promoting Career Management and Personal Developmental Plans;
-Design, delivery and management of online, distance and blended Assessment and Development Centres;
-Design and management of a large selection of Graduate Programmes tailored to clients’ needs; some of our clients are the largest national and multinational companies in Portugal from several sectors of activity. In these type of programmes Mindshift assumes full responsibility for the
attraction, selection and onboarding of young talent;
-HR Digital Transformation: we are specialised in attracting, capturing, evaluating and training the profiles that companies need to successfully address their digital transformation processes. In order to comply with this commitment, we rely on three fundamental pillars: Marketing, Technology and Human Capital Management

Learning Hub Friesland foundation – Netherlands

By responding to the opportunities for innovation and cooperation the European Union offers, LHF supports educational institutes in Friesland in their quest for innovation. LHF:
* Develops
LHF provides innovative approaches in teaching by developing attractive education and training programmes in line with the individual learners needs and expectations. LHF does this by introducing pioneering approaches, methodologies and technologies. Educational materials developed by LHF staff vary from curriculum on student initiated company assignment and social entrepreneurial behaviour to ‘add on’ training programmes on internationalisation in entrepreneurship education.
* Connects
Innovation is encouraged by cooperation, both regionally within the triple helix of education, industry and government, and internationally with other educational institutions. LHF brings together likeminded organisations and companies to enhance innovation in educational institutions by tapping into its extensive regional and EU network. LHF reinforces cooperation with partners from other countries, other fields of education and other socio-economic sectors.
* Innovates
LHF supports educational institutions in their quest to change into a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment, preparing them to integrate good practices and new methods into the institutes daily activities. This includes also strategic planning of professional development for staff in line with individual needs and organisational objectives and increasing staffs capacity and professionalism to work at EU/international level.

Varna Economic Development Agency – Bulgaria

Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, registered to operate in public benefit. It is located in the territory of Varna District in Bulgaria. The Agency was established in 1997 under the joint program Local Government Initiative of Varna Municipality and the USAID to assist the advancement of regional economic development. VEDA aims to provide leadership for the establishment of conditions for sustainable social and economic development of Varna and the region. The Agency supports the building of the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through impartial providing of information, consulting services and training. VEDA promotes networking and improvement of the local employment opportunities.
VEDA is registered in the public Trade Register for SMEs and NGOs. The Agency is registered to deliver social services, namely Bureau for social services with a Certificate № 4240, issued on 29.04.2009 by the national Agency for Social Aid at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The Agency was recognised as a certified business support organisation under the project BASIS _ Business Advice and Support International  standards. A certificate was issued on 29.10.2009 to VEDA for its achievements in the area of Business Advice and Support International Standards. Since 1998 VEDA is a member of the network of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centres (BARDA).

Consorzio Friuli Formazione   – Italy

Consorzio Friuli Formazione is a no profit training institute, founded in 1995 by the University of Udine in partnership with other governmental and private sector bodies; besides it aims to offer to our territory a regional system of higher education by joining together the best human, cultural, professional, organisational and financial resources of Friuli Venezia Giulia. For over 20 years we offer research, consulting and training services for pre-employment in order to help people find a job or improve their job position; in addition CFF offers training intended to develop competences and skills for businesses in the public and private sector, as well as job training for professionals.

Based on the extensive experience it has acquired over the years, our institute took a major role in the regional system of further education. Thus CFF is the leading partner of the regional Vocational Training Center for the ICT industry, as well is a founder and shareholder of the Technical Institute for Mechanics and the Technical Institute for Information and  communication Technology. Finally, CFF has a partnership with the  university of Udine for implementing and managing 7 Master courses
(1st and 2nd levels).

John Moore has over 20 years experience of training and developing Managers, Coaches, Consultants and businesses. As Managing Director of Exponential Training, John researches, speaks, blogs and writes about how to improve performance. He also designs and delivers engaging, fun and interactive learning programmes. John is a Fellow Chartered Manager and has worked with managers and organisations in over 20 different countries.