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Book Review: Winning Without Losing

Book Review: Winning Without Losing
12 March 2014 Anne-Marie Daly

Do you find it difficult to switch off? How great would it be to lead a truly balanced life. If you are seeking to find the holy grail of work life balance, then Winning Without Losing is worth a read!

If like me, you are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off, this is a great little read. Whatever your job is, the chances are there are times when you find it hard to switch off. In today’s faster and more stressful 24/7 world in which we live and work, most of us are working longer hours, working at weekends, at home and even on the move. We now live in a world where the office is only ever a click away via smart phones, tablets, Skype and the Internet.

Winning Without Losing challenges the believe that this is the price of success. Authors, Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne, argue that it does not have to be this way. They go further than this and explain how you can build your business or your career into something big and sustainable whilst leading a happy, whole and balanced life.

In sixty-six short insights, they reveal strategies and methods which will allow you to combine professional success with putting friends, family and happiness first. Their Efficiency Boosters will increase your effectiveness, while you’ll learn all about how to avoid Time and Energy Wasters and build a New Mindset that gives you to optimism and enthusiasm needed to succeed. So now you can wave goodbye to guiltily checking your emails when you are out with your partner of children or at a party or just trying to chill out. I am not promising you that this book will resolve all of your challenges and stresses, but it will give you some pretty good ideas on improving your lot in life!

The book aims to explode some of the myths about hard work and sacrifice. Bjergegaard and Milne explain that in the past things were much simpler. They say that we used to be able to rely on some basic truths including:

  • The harder you work, the more money you make
  • Success comes with sacrifice
  • You need to choose between being a family person or a business person
  • There is no time to do it all
  • The winner is the one who works the hardest
  • The more hours you work, the more impact you will have
  • Family and friends are for Sundays

They argue that these statements are no longer true and that we all face a new reality and therefore we need to embrace the concept of “Winning without Losing”.

What Do Others Think?

I found it an interesting read which gave me some new insights into how I prioritise and how I think, but do not just take my word, here is what some others think about Winning Without Losing.

“Tremendous! Winning Without Losing is a wonderful book that will inspire a new wave of entrepreneurship. Read it, and be prepared for a better way of life”.

Stephen M. R. Covey

“Big thinking about our future in the post-industrial world. Don’t wait, it’s here now”.

Seth Godin

“Every entrepreneur should read this book as an antidote to the mythologies of being a successful entrepreneur”.

Shailendra Vyakarnam, The University of Cambridge

Anne-Marie, Assessment and Moderation Manager at Exponential Training, has 10 years experience of supporting Managers, Coaches and Consultants. A qualified assessor, trainer and performance coach, Anne-Marie works with students and organisations both in the UK and overseas. You can contact Anne-Marie or connect through LinkedIn.


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