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  • Top Tips for Growing a Company

    Most business owners want to grow their enterprise. The Erasmus+ Growing European Microenterprises project (GEM) has been designed support the…

  • How to Improve Performance

    Exponential Training and several of its European partners are working on a new approach to work-based coaching called C-MAP. C-MAP…

  • C-MAP: A New Coaching Model

    A Coaching MAP (C-MAP) is a new coaching tool developed by Exponential and several of its European partners to help…

  • Making fewer decisions makes you a better decision-maker

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. From deciding what time to get up, what to prioritise at work and deciding what time to…

  • Communication in a Crisis – Part 2

    When in a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, communication is key. Exponential’s advice is not just ‘communicate, communicate, communicate’, but communicate in a planned…

  • Positive thinking works

    Imagine you are about to deliver an important speech and you are worried about your speaking skills as the last…