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Adrian Molloy

Adrian Molloy
2 November 2017 expositeadmin

Adrian’s job took him to all corners of the UK and therefore could not commit to attending a rigidly structured management course. The flexibility offered by Exponential Training enabled him to complete at his own pace and receive constructive feedback and support to complete.


Business Development Manager, Adrian Molloy has nearly 10 years experience in the Construction Industry and specialises in building protection. Adrian has gained his practical experience through working in the industry and now is responsible for developing the business, throughout the UK, within the Acoustics Division of the world’s leader in building protection.


Adrian knew that he needed a recognised management qualification to confirm his existing abilities and to develop others.

“I believe in exceeding the expectations of my customers and am always willing to go the extra mile. One of my aims in life is to constantly improve and develop myself as a manager and leader but practical experience was not enough for me. I wanted to learn about different management theories and models which would help me in my role”.


Following discussions with his manager he identified that the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership, awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and delivered by Exponential Training, was the route to take.

“I needed the studying to be flexible and not have to be committed to attending a training course on a regular basis. My job takes me to all corners of the UK so I knew I couldn’t attend a rigidly structured course. The format which Exponential Training use to deliver their qualifications suited me perfectly.

I was assigned a Performance Coach/ Tutor who supported me throughout the programme, provided me with constructive feedback for my assignments and encouraged me to complete. The flexibility offered by Exponential Training meant that I could agree my own timeline for completion”.


Whilst Adrian was completing the management qualification he found himself implementing what he was learning into the workplace.

“I developed a greater understanding of how to motivate others and how to meet objectives – seeing improvements as I was progressing made me even more motivated to complete. The long term objectives of my organisation began to mean more to me and I became more strategy focused. I found that writing the assignments helped me with the writing of my monthly company reports and I noticed that I was writing more clearly and concisely”.

Adrian has always been very aware of what’s required of him as a manager, but completing the Management and Leadership qualification has made him even more curious about the work environment.

“I now find myself looking at things from different angles, have become much more aware of how my organisation works and use a wider variety of techniques to get the best out of individuals. I believe that it’s not only me that has benefited from my studies, but also my organisation. They now have a much more focused, objective and creative manager”.