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360 Feedback

It has been shown time and again that an effective way to identify points of development for Managers, Coaches and Consultants is through 360° feedback.

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Our 360 degree assessment system is a simple and effective online tool that goes beyond just the assessment of skills and behaviours – it includes a practical development action point for each of the Specific Skills covered by each assessment.

We offer 360 degree feedback in each of the following disciplines:

  • 360 Feedback for Managers
  • 360 Feedback for Coaches
  • 360 Feedback for Consultants


How is the 360 degree feedback conducted? All that is required is an internet connection. Once set up on the system, assessees and their chosen respondents complete the assessment online using our safe and secure Perspectives 360 platform.

Perspectives 360 is extremely user-friendly. Assessments only take 10 -15 minutes and can be completed at any time, anywhere – access is 24/7/365. Everything is managed through the Perspectives 360 platform meaning that assessment projects can be set up in minutes: feedback reports are available immediately the last respondent completes the assessment questionnaire.


We have a pricing plan for just one assessment to hundreds, making it affordable whatever your budget.  Perspectives 360 is a cost-effective solution for identifying individual and group training needs, supporting personal development and complementing other personal and professional development.

Professional Development:

Hard work should be recognised. Perspectives 360 removes the pain of requesting and gathering 360 degree feedback from colleagues, team members and other stakeholders by capturing and presenting feedback systematically, discreetly and sensitively.

Perspectives 360 converts assessment data collected from the behaviour-based questionnaires, then analyses and presents it in an easy-to-read, practical format designed to improve performance. With a development action for each skill, Perspectives 360 assessment not only provides feedback, it also supports improved performance with practical ideas on how to improve performance in each Specific Skill.