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16 Practices Used by High Growth Companies

16 Practices Used by High Growth Companies
6 June 2016 Alexandra Johnson

Imagine if you could get hold of a framework outlining the business practices adopted by High Growth Companies. Now you can! This is thanks to the new Fit4BusinessGrowth Model and coaching programme which is being launched next month in the UK and throughout Europe.

Is Your Company Fit4BusinessGrowth?

If you would like to find out if your business is Fit4BusinessGrowth (F4BG), why not complete the benchmarking assessment?  You will receive a short explanation about the Model and how to complete the assessment benchmark. I will then send you a short, practical report highlighting how well your company is doing in each of the 16 Business Practices that make up the F4BG Model.

If you want to take things further, I can also provide you with a set of tools that you can use to address any development areas – if you want I can also hook you up with a trained Coach who will help you to prepare and implement an action plan to address development areas.

If this is something you want to learn more about, please contact us.


Become a Fit4BusinessGrowth Coach

The Fit4BusinessGrowth (F4BG) Model and the benchmarking assessment questionnaire were developed by an international team of experts including partners from France, Croatia, Austria and Bulgaria. The team has also prepared a comprehensive toolkit containing a set of 200+ resources covering each of the 16 Business Practices that make up the Model. It has taken a year of research, interviews with experts and designing and testing the Model, but finally F4BG is good to go.

Both the Model and the toolkit were signed-off by the project partners during a recent meeting hosted by the Varna Economic Development Agency in Bulgaria. All of the partners including Exponential Training are now looking for business coaches who want to be trained as F4BG Coaches – the course is sponsored by the Erasmus+ Lifelong Learning Programme and is FREE for coaches.

I am now taking applications from UK-based business coaches who would like to be trained in the use of the F4BG Coaching Programme. They will learn how to help small and medium-sized companies to complete the benchmarking survey and implement F4BG. They will be part of a network of 50 F4BG Coaches throughout Europe.

Once coaches have completed the training, they will be featured on www.fit4businessgrowth.eu and can start delivering F4BG coaching to their own clients. This time next year, we are expecting to have in place a European-wide network of F4BG Coaches and over 100 businesses using the model to support and sustain their growth plans.

If you would like to apply for a FREE place to be trained as a Fit4BusinessGrowth Coach, please contact me for more information.

Alexandra Johnson is a recent graduate of the University of Birmingham studying Event Management. Alexandra joined the Exponential Training team in the capacity of Project and Events Coordinator and works primarily managing European projects.


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