360 Assessment

Perspectives 360

Simple, effective online assessment

Perspectives 360 is our online, 360-degree assessment and feedback tool. Unlike other systems, the Perspectives 360 feedback report includes dozens of suggestions on how to improve performance and is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand.

Each Perspectives 360 edition is based on a different set of Core and Specific Skills underpinned by sets of behaviours. Perspectives 360 takes minutes to complete, but delivers months of personal development.

Ideas for managers, coaches and consultants

Perspectives 360 is used for identifying learning and development needs, building confidence, during coaching programmes and for evaluating improvements. There are several Perspectives 360 editions including:

  • Perspectives 360 for Managers
  • Perspectives 360 for Coaches
  • Perspectives 360 for Consultants
  • TeamMate 360 for Team Leaders and Managers

Teammate360 is the newest edition designed especially for managers and team leaders who manage remote team members.

I liked the convenience of Perspectives 360. The easy-to-use system asks questions which can be understood and I didn’t have to interpret any technical jargon. Perspectives 360 helped me to reflect on my management skills and the report has helped me to identify useful areas for my personal development.

Kieran Darnell, Carter Brown

Discussing a Perspectives 360 report with a client gives me the opportunity to have a two-way conversation, rather than taking the easy route and provide them with solutions. Listening to what they say and inviting comment, rather than leading the conversation, means clients can think through situations for themselves. When clients receive Perspectives 360 feedback from peers and sub-ordinates they take it on board and it then becomes a very powerful tool for initiating change.

Peter Smith, Oakbridge Associates


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