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Level 3 Coaching and Mentoring

Packed with practical coaching tools and techniques, as a manager or a performance coach, you will you will use your new skills and competencies virtually every day from now on.

Level 5 Management Coaching and Mentoring

Ideal for middle managers looking to improve team performance and those aiming to become professional coaches and mentors as this qualification is all about delivering high impact coaching and mentoring.

Level 7 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Exceptional senior managers and specialist strategic coaches and mentors know how to deliver transformational coaching and mentoring strategies that impact at individual, team and organisational levels. Learn to how to become an exceptional coach.

The independent, yet structured, research has allowed me to explore areas of interest within the coaching and mentoring field in more depth. It has been incredibly flexible and very well supported by my Performance Coach.

Kate O'Connell, Skills Funding Agency


Working 1:2:1 with your own Performance Coach, you decide when to have your coaching sessions. This means you get the right support when you need it – we work to your timetable and your needs.

This course allowed me to learn about processes, tools and techniques and to benchmark my knowledge to industry practices.

Nicky Athanassopoulo, IfM Education & Consultancy Services Ltd

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