Become a Chartered Manager

Why become a Chartered Manager?

Reason #1: Exponential Training aspires to deliver excellence. We believe the Chartered Manager represents excellence. We believe you should strive for excellence too.

Reason #2: Chartered Manager (CMgr) is the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership related professions and will set you apart from other managers, coaches and consultants.

Reason #3: A Chartered Manager is about performance and impact – did you know a Chartered Manager’s average added value to their organisation a MASSIVE £391,443?

Chartered Manager has made me more ambitious. It’s made me think bigger. It opens your eyes to a more strategic view of the world.

Emily Smith CMgr MCMI, Institute of Food Research


Our ‘fast-track exemption route' is for experienced managers who hold or are working towards a CMI Level 5 or Level diploma in management and leadership, coaching and mentoring or professional consulting.

Going through the process of getting Chartered broadens your horizons regarding management techniques and management styles, and it also makes you question your own management style.

James Boag CMGR MCMI, Shield Therapeutics

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