One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching (1:1) is when an individual works with an executive coach on their particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfil their potential.

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Areas of Work

Exponential Training work with Managers, Coaches, Consultants and organisations in a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Communication Skills
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Persuasion and influencing Skills
  • Assertiveness and delegation Skills
  • Consulting Skills
  • Coaching Skills

Our Approach

Our approach and success are characterized by collaboration and partnership with our clients and a concentrated, clear focus on achieving outstanding results where we are certain that we can truly bring quality and value.

Our one-to-one coaching interventions offer a transformational approach to coaching rather than a transactional approach. This means our coaches work not only at the behaviour level but also at the mindset and beliefs level which is the element that makes the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation.

We deliver one-to-one coaching sessions either online, face to face or via telephone. We work collaboratively with each client to ensure that their needs and objectives are understood before commencing the coaching intervention. Each client is taken through an evaluation process to set benchmarks prior to coaching and a final evaluation session to provide details on development and return on investment.

Different people in different situations have different needs and we tailor our programmes accordingly. Sometimes we recommend that a client gets additional data to inform the coaching programme, such as 360 degree feedback from colleagues/ clients.

What goes on between the client and the coach is entirely confidential.

Who is One-to-One Coaching For?

One-to-one coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual whether you are a Manager, Coach or Consultant. It is a catalyst for enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

Reasons for using coaching are:

  • preparation for role/career changes;
  • managing stress, change, conflict or crisis;
  • enhancing personal impact and performance;
  • supporting the appointment of a person into a different role;
  • accelerating the personal development of individuals defined as high potential;
  • acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a senior individual;
  • offering tailored development as a means of rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business.

Benefits of Executive Coaching Include:

For the individual:

  • fast-track leadership development;
  • enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills;
  • better decision-making;
  • improved goal setting – and faster achievement of goals;
  • ability to inspire and motivate teams, including across geographically dispersed locations;
  • confident communication;
  • improved working relationships.

For the organisation:

  • improved management and leadership;
  • more creativity, empowerment and ownership unleashed in the business;
  • underpinning effective implementation of organizational change through supporting teams and individuals;
  • greater commitment from recipients of the coaching;
  • higher retention of key people who feel valued.

Take the Next Step:

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