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John Moore has over 20 years experience of training and developing Managers, Coaches, Consultants and businesses. As Managing Director of Exponential Training, John researches, speaks, blogs and writes about how to improve performance. He also designs and delivers engaging, fun and interactive learning programmes. John is a Fellow Chartered Manager and has worked with managers and organisations in over 20 different countries.

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50 Ways to Improve Your Performance

John Moore / 18th February, 2016

How good would it be if you could identify five ways or ten ways to improve your performance? Imagine what it would be like if you had fifty ways to improve your performance. Changing the Way We Learn The way we work and learn has been going through a revolution for the past decade with few signs of it abating. The introduction of new technologies means that people work remotely and at times to suit themselves and their employers. We have...

How to Get Professionally Qualified in Six Steps

John Moore / 16th February, 2016

Rarely is success down to luck. To succeed in your career, there are dozens of things that you need to do including working long hours from time to time, making difficult decisions and taking a risk or two, but what else do you need? My Career Plan The first thing you need is a Career Plan. I remember my first career plan – I still have it today. It is a tatty, well-thumbed, one page of foolscap. I wrote it whilst working for the Hotel and...

Being a Woman Costs 14 More Years at Work

John Moore / 12th February, 2016

Many women managers are working for their employers for FREE from November to the beginning of January – are you? This is just one of the amazing findings from CMI’s latest research into the gender pay gap. Latest CMI Research Another shocking finding is that currently, female managers will have to work until they are nearly 80 – over 14 years more than their male counterparts - just to earn the same amount. The analysis of the...

Making a Business Case for Training

John Moore / 8th February, 2016

The latest research shows that Chartered Managers on average add more than £391,000 of value to their employers. But with headline messages like this, why is it that too few employers simply do not invest in their managers. Time to make a business case? Lack of Training Inhibits on Productivity The lack of training is causing a skills gap that's threatening not just UK productivity, but also the future growth and innovation of companies...

The Accidental Manager

John Moore / 28th January, 2016

I am not talking about managers who go from one disaster to another. I am talking about employees who suddenly find themselves promoted into a supervisory or management position without any experience of training. The days of ‘being thrown in at the deep end’ are numbered, or are they? Sink or Swim? What a choice? I remember my dad saying this to me one day at our local pool. Fortunately, I managed to stay afloat and to do something that...

Follow our Formula for a Successful 2016

John Moore / 1st January, 2016

No matter how you define success, we all strive for and want to be successful. Why is it for so many people success seems to be illusive and out of reach? I have been using a tool called "The Success Formula" in Exponential Training for over a decade and would like to share it with you. Success Follows a Pattern In my younger days, I was in a hurry and wanted success instantly. This often left me feeling frustrated and wanting to find short...

Ten Step Guide to Effective Training

John Moore / 12th December, 2015

The starting point for any training course, management development programme or even one-to-one coaching session must always be: "What are we trying to achieve?" The Ten Step Guide to Effective Training provides a simple, results-focused way to design your training. How to Get Outstanding Results I have worked with thousands of training managers, coaches, consultants and organisations who start with their solution without first answering the...

Top Tips for a Career Change: 6 Killer Questions

John Moore / 2nd December, 2015

You do not have to be stuck in a rut, dreading each day of work or feeling over worked and under-appreciated to consider a career move. It could be the right time for you to take stock and think about your next move, but don’t do anything until you check out my six killer questions before you make a decision that will change your life. New Job or Go It Alone? This is exactly where I was in 1998 when I had to decide to ‘go it alone’ or...

Is VET Fit for the 21st Century Solopreneur?

John Moore / 30th November, 2015

I have had a HUGE response from the presentation I delivered at the LEXSHA European conference, in Bordeaux, last week. I spoke about the use and relevance of Digital Approaches to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in relation to solopreneurs. History shows us that we as human beings have communicated and educated people in a way that technology supports and enhances. Egyptians used hieroglyphics, making use of images and symbols to...

7 Things You Should Never Do When Planning Management Training

John Moore / 24th November, 2015

I find there is a lot of advice telling you how to organise and run training courses, but not so much about what NOT to do. Here is my list of the things not to do - unless that is you want to negatively impact the effectiveness of your management training. 1. Don’t Book Mondays or Fridays Managers are extra busy on these days. Avoid them for management training, otherwise you can expect lots of moans and groans and messages saying...