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James Dillon is Business Development Manager at Exponential Training and has over 5 years experience working with current and aspiring Managers, Coaches and Consultants. James works with both past and potential clients in order to help them find the right training & development solutions to meet their specific needs. You can contact James or connect through LinkedIn.

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Which Manager is the Better Leader?

James Dillon / 18th December, 2015

One has won many awards and managed a world class organisation packed with some of the most talented professionals within their industry. The other manager has a wealth of experience but is working with inexperienced team members who are incentivised by the prospect of a pizza if they perform well. Who am I talking about? Of course, I am talking about José Mourinho and Claudio Ranieri. After Chelsea’s decision to sack Mourinho, speculation...

Consultant Jan Bridgwater: An Inspiration and Success

James Dillon / 16th November, 2015

To say that working as a Management Consultant can be both challenging and lonely at times is an understatement. They are some of the reasons why Jan chose Exponential Training to hone her skills and performance. Jan Who? Like thousands of others, Jan Bridgwater was made redundant in the middle of the financial downturn. With a strong background in procurement within the car industry, Jan decided to take the plunge and set up her own...

NEW Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) to Replace the QCF

James Dillon / 1st October, 2015

The new Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) replaces the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and provides a single, simple system for cataloguing all qualifications regulated by Ofqual. Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, has now implemented a change to the Regulatory Framework for the delivery of Qualifications and has issued guidance to Awarding Bodies as to how these changes will have an impact on...

GrowthAccelerator Now Part of the Business Growth Service

James Dillon / 16th June, 2015

GrowthAccelerator is now part of the Government-backed GREAT Britain campaign which seeks to highlight support for businesses aspiring to succeed and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, I have received a number of enquiries asking if the GrowthAccelerator service has ceased and if so, whether or not we know of any other funding initiatives. I just wanted to clarify the situation as the GrowthAccelerator service has NOT ceased and...

Benefits of Vocational Qualifications

James Dillon / 10th June, 2015

Today is Vocational Qualification (VQ) Day, celebrating the benefits of practical, technical and vocational learning. Vocational qualifications have never been more important to businesses, the economy and employees. Regardless of the size or type of your business, vocational qualifications can have a measurable impact on the productivity, performance and profit of your business. The term 'vocational' means 'work-related', so if individuals...

Exponential Training’s Light Bulb Moment

James Dillon / 18th May, 2015

You know when you get something, it is like a light bulb switching on – well that is exactly what happened when myself and Managing Director, John Moore, met up with Bulb Studios last week. Light Bulb Moments We have all had light bulb moments. You know those moments where you have a great idea and we get excited. However, most of us often fail to capture them or to exploit them only to find out someone else has a similar idea and ran...

Just Look at You Now, Matt Bunn CMgr FCMI

James Dillon / 7th May, 2015

Ten years ago a young enthusiastic manager with dreams and aspirations of a career took part in an Exponential Training "Leaders in Business" programme. Matt is now an Operations Director and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Matt achieved a Level 4 NVQ in Management in 2005 and now he holds two of the most prestigious formal recognitions a manager can hold: the CMI Level 7 Diploma in in Strategic Management and...

Proud To Be Working with Our Brave Boys and Girls!

James Dillon / 7th April, 2015

With emerging skill shortages in the UK economy, could part of the answer lie with our Armed Forces? Every year, over 20,000 personnel leave the Armed Forces looking to start a new career in industry and commerce? Leaving the Armed Forces, for many, can be a daunting prospect. After years of living a structured lifestyle which might have involved fighting on the front line, entering what might seem like the comparatively quieter civilian world...

Exponential Training Customer Becomes Valued Supplier

James Dillon / 2nd March, 2015

Have you noticed anything different about our website? After many hours of debate, deliberation and design, Exponential Training customer turned supplier Seed Creativity has created a short, snappy and fun animated explainer video. Promotional Video or Brand Development? Is there a difference between promotions, marketing and branding? Of course they overlap, but for me the starting point is the brand. Branding is one of the most...

Innovation Boost for SMEs

James Dillon / 23rd February, 2015

Innovate UK is looking to work with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and new business start-ups that would like to have the help of an external expert to develop ideas and improve performance. The good news is that the SMEs can receive a grant of up to £5,000 to help pay for it. Exponential Training Wins Grant Undertaking research and development can be expensive, but not doing it is even more expensive. Too few firms invest...