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Communication | Assessing its Effectiveness in Your Business

Guest Expert / 24th April, 2014

Effective communication is an absolutely vital component of running a successful business, and not just something that’s good to have. Communication with customers and clients is not the only kind that businesses need to pay attention to. Successful communication must start from within an organisation and then filter out through external channels. As a manager or team leader you are a busy person and you no doubt have a long to-do list each...

Time to Rethink Leadership Development

Guest Expert / 24th January, 2014

Leadership excellence is fundamental to the health and performance of an organisation. Leadership development, however, in most cases is a costly affair. It therefore warrants careful consideration of what organisations hope to achieve when they invest in leadership development. If the point of departure is to help people excel as highly competent individuals, then the criteria for a development programme would be different from one where...

GrowthAccelerator Leadership and Management Development

Guest Expert / 17th December, 2013

Thousands of businesses have signed up to GrowthAccelerator to benefit from tailored expert advice and help to increase turnover, profits and jobs. This unique service helps ambitious SME’s to uncover the real barriers that are preventing them from achieving their potential with the support of a designated Growth Manager. We then help to identify and introduce the right Growth Coach to work with you to define your Growth Plan, help focus on...

Stress Management Top 10 Tips for Christmas

Guest Expert / 29th November, 2013

Running a business or working in a senior position can be very stressful. With Christmas on the horizon, here are my top 10 stress management tips for the Christmas period for you to use at work or in your business. Stress is the state that you experience when you perceive that you cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on you. You feel under pressure, don't have the physical and mental reserves to cope and experience a build up...

The Digital Entrepreneur

Guest Expert / 25th November, 2013

The Digital Entrepreneur is NOT necessarily an IT-nerd. The Digital Entrepreneur is a person who has identified a number of key factors on how to use IT in development of new Business Models. Building a business based on digital tools and a skill in how to use ICT in your specific business sector is more or less a question of winning or losing. It doesn´t mean that "everything" is ICT - but no matter if you own a local Flower Shop or a...

Leadership in South Africa

Guest Expert / 20th November, 2012

As an 18 year old democracy with 11 official languages, four major race groups and 46 years of apartheid, South Africa today is a complex society in need of a very special brand of leadership. It is a diverse society with many different histories, cultures, customs, beliefs and philosophical frames of reference. From a leadership perspective some of the complexity, frustrations, challenges and strengths can be seen in the following: In the...

Do You Have What It Takes to Run a High Growth Business?

Guest Expert / 12th November, 2012

There is a lot of interest these days about growth in the economy and providing support for High Growth Businesses.The latest is the GrowthAccelerator Programme, and the objective of this initiative is to drive employment growth. This is based on one key statistic: high growth (read 20%+ per annum growth) businesses represent roughly 5% of all companies but drive about 50% of all employment growth. As the economy remains sluggish, more...