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Anne-Marie, Assessment and Moderation Manager at Exponential Training, has 10 years experience of supporting Managers, Coaches and Consultants. A qualified assessor, trainer and performance coach, Anne-Marie works with students and organisations both in the UK and overseas. You can contact Anne-Marie or connect through LinkedIn.

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Exponential Assisting the Police

Anne-Marie Daly / 8th July, 2016

The Police Force is breaking with its long tradition of police officers joining as constables and working their way up through the ranks; it now offers a Direct Entry programme to proven leaders and managers giving them the opportunity to join the force directly at the rank of superintendent or inspector. To be successful, processes need to be in place to ensure that appropriate support is provided to those with no prior policing experience to...

Jared’s First Step into Management

Anne-Marie Daly / 27th June, 2016

Imagine being able to combine something you are passionate about with your work. That is what Exponential Training graduate Jared Thornton achieved by combining his lifelong interest in history with a career in management. Part Time Job to Management Career To pay his way through University and to develop his expertise, Jared held down a part time job as a Museum Assistant at the Royal Armouries whilst working towards his BA in History and...

Avoiding the ‘Let Down Effect’

Anne-Marie Daly / 16th December, 2014

The ‘Let Down Effect’ is a condition where high energy or activation levels in the body are immediately followed by a rapid drop in activation levels – just like before a holiday. During a performance coaching session with one of my students I was asked, “Why is it I always seem to fall ill over holiday periods?” It is true many of us seem to get colds, flu and other ailments just before periods of annual leave and even over the...

Managers Prepare for Radical Reforms

Anne-Marie Daly / 28th November, 2014

Local councils should radically reform the way they approach budgeting, focusing on outcomes rather than outputs, a new report is arguing. This will mean managers having to adapt the way they plan and budget. The report Smart Budgeting Integrating Financial and Strategic Planning For Outcomes, published by the New Local Government Network (NLGN) in association with the ACCA and Mazars, calls for local councils to stop following old patterns...

How Sustainable is the Wine Industry?

Anne-Marie Daly / 23rd October, 2014

The UseWine Erasmus Plus European Project has now officially started and I recently travelled to Limassol, Cyprus with John Moore to take part in the first partner meeting. Working with the project partners from Cyprus, Austria, Spain, France, Portugal, Romania and Poland the aim of this first meeting was to agree and plan how the project would proceed and how it will support the development of rural businesses and entrepreneurs in the wine...

Stakeholders Feedback – The Results Are In

Anne-Marie Daly / 14th October, 2014

Just as a barometer provides feedback about the ‘ups and downs’ in atmospheric pressure, so too, do stakeholder analysis exercises. In 2013, Exponential Training took stakeholder feedback much more seriously than it has in the past and now the results are there to see. I must admit to being more than a little defensive the first time we conducted a thorough stakeholder analysis. Things were not always as I thought they were which was a bit...

CMI Launch Updated NVQs in Management

Anne-Marie Daly / 30th September, 2014

Approved CMI Centre It is always refreshing to hear that qualifications have been reviewed and updated as it confirms that the standard setting body, Skills CfA, has been consulting with employers and key stakeholders to identify current practice. NVQs in Management The suite of management and leadership National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) has recently been reviewed and Exponential Training is pleased to be able include the new NVQs in Management to our...

Book Review: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Anne-Marie Daly / 20th August, 2014

“In a nutshell: The presence of fear is an indicator that you are growing and accepting life’s challenges... Many of us think we are taking responsibility for our lives when we are not. The ‘victim’ mentality is subtle and takes many forms”, so says international bestselling author, Susan Jeffers. John asked me to proof his blog post Would you like a sandwich with that feedback? and made reference to the phrase ‘feel the fear and...

Book Review: Lead to Succeed

Anne-Marie Daly / 26th June, 2014

'The only leadership book you need,' trumpets the cover of Lead to Succeed. One reviewer even suggests that ...“If you want to move up from being a Mach 1 to a Mach 2 type of boss, this is the book for you.” A BIG claim, so does the hype match the reality? In some ways, it does and in other ways, it does not. How much less decisive can I be which is ironic when author Chris Roebuck argues that great leaders take clear, decisive...

Book Review: Winning Without Losing

Anne-Marie Daly / 12th March, 2014

Do you find it difficult to switch off? How great would it be to lead a truly balanced life. If you are seeking to find the holy grail of work life balance, then Winning Without Losing is worth a read! If like me, you are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off, this is a great little read. Whatever your job is, the chances are there are times when you find it hard to switch off. In today’s faster and more stressful 24/7 world in...